We are very excited to annouce we have added to our already popular detergent range.  Customers have been so happy with our range or detergents we have added some more.

AGS Emerald Detergent and AGS Emerald Soft

AGS Azur Detergent and AGS Azur Soft

AGS White Detergent and AGS White Soft

As the above detergents are proving so popular, we’ve even brought them out in 1 litre bottles.

We have also have new range of Wet Cleaning Detergents for our Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning products. This exciting new range consists of a universal detergent called AGS Wet Wash, a washing booster called AGS Wet Plus, a finishing additive with softening called AGS Wet Rivive and a pre-spotter called AGS Wet Stainoff. 

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