Laundry Detergents

Our fantastic new detergent website AGS Detergents is here and will allow customers to not only view our full range of detergents but also to order online.  Making our customers lives easier.

Due to huge demand we have updated our detergent range.  We still have our original detergents but have added some exciting new ones.

Our detergents are extremely economical, they are active at low temperatures, and their high performance help save energy normally used to heat the water.

Exceptional results have been achieved by using plant-based surfactants and they are three times more concentrated than other detergents.

Safety data sheets are available upon request.

Some of our popular below detergents are now available in 1 litre bottles; see below for more information.

Please note we have lots of extra supplementary products all shown on our detergent website link above.



Medit Blue Wash

 Formally AGS Azur

Medit Green Wash

Formally AGS Emerald

Medit Effe Wash

Medit Aloe Wash

WhiTex 2.0 Wash

Formally AGS White

Medit Blue Soft

Formally AGS Azur

Medit Green Soft

Formally AGS Emerald

Medit Effe Soft

Medit Aloe Soft

WhiTex 2.0 Wash

Formally AGS White

Wet Wash Universal


Wet Plus


Wet Wash Delicate


Wet Revive


Wet No Rain