So, what does HACCP do?

HACCP International is a leading food science organisation specialising in the assessment and certification of equipment, materials and services used by the food industry. They provide proof to the food industry that certified equipment is suitable for use in a facility that manages food safety. Electrolux Professional has the unique privilege of being the ONLY laundry manufacturer to pass all evaluations and criteria to receive this accolade and are certified in the UK & Ireland.

How does this benefit my organisation?

In the food processing industry, highest hygiene and bacteria control is the #1 priority. With our certified range of laundry products you can be assured you will be providing a turnkey solution across both food service and laundry that meets the highest hygiene standards that HACCP outlines, whilst guaranteeing hygiene and bacteria control. This certification is unique to Electrolux Professional and will make a huge difference if you are looking to bring your workwear laundry in-house.

What are the benefits in non-food related industries?

All businesses that serve food, such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, care homes and even hospitals, must conduct a HACCP risk assessment to do 3 key things:

  1. Consider all food safety hazards and where they come from, for each food handling activity.
  2. Consider the controls needed to eliminate or reduce hazards to a safe level.
  3. Identify the process steps which are critical to control.

With HACCP International certified laundry products at the core of your organisation you can achieve the highest hygiene and bacteria control. Our products will reduce risk in the workplace, are compliant within hazard analysis and critical control points and will provide a worry-free audit.

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