We cut our teeth in launderettes – so you could say we are specialists in this field.

If you are planning to open a launderette or take over an existing shop we can provide advice and assistance.

If you require a site survey please note these are chargeable. However, the charge will be fully refunded if an order is subsequently placed.

Immediate, free advice is to thoroughly ensure that if this is a new project that planning permission has been obtained. We would advise that you speak to your local Planning Department. Please also remember that some utility companies can take in excess of three months to install/upgrade their services.

Please note we do not carry out any shop fitting or internal decoration.

AGS strongly recommends joining NALI (National Association of the Launderette Industry).  NALI is the trade association for launderette owners and is an exemplary body:  Even if you are considering getting into the launderette industry joining NALI is extremely beneficial!