Water Softeners


Water Softeners


Your business can greatly benefit from installing a water softener.

A water softener removes minerals (calcuium and magnesium) that create hard water which can damage water heaters and heating elements within a laundry/launderette/wet-cleaning environment.

Sites that run without a water softener will eventually suffer with problems with water heaters, heating elements as well as pipe scaling.

Sites that run with a water softener will provide soft water which will ensure detergents are utilised to their maximum and all appliances that have water passing through them will ensure they work at their optimum.

However, water softeners need to have brine tanks topped up with salt and serviced regularly to ensure full potential.

We supply and install a fantastic range of water softeners.  If you are considering a water softener it is definitely a worthy investment so give us a call at AGS 01277 899664.