Terms and Conditions


Between: – Customer, (Name and Site Address as listed), hereinafter described as the Customer and Associated Group Services Limited, hereinafter described as the Company.




Drivers are only contracted to deliver to “point of access” – this normally means the front doorway of your premises. In some instances they may deliver goods inside your premises if asked, but please remember this is NOT an automatic duty. Once the goods have been delivered you will be asked to sign a delivery sheet confirming that there is no damage. Please make sure all the goods are thoroughly checked before signing the delivery note, as you will have no claim recourse if damage is later discovered.




The Company advises all SUPPLY ONLY CUSTOMERS to employ the services of fully qualified engineers to install machinery.

Recommended installation guidelines set out by manufacturers of equipment either new, reconditioned or “sold as seen” supplied by the Company should be followed. The Company in some cases are able to provide sections of installation manuals prior to the installation if requested by the customer for his qualified installation operative.

Any parts and/or labour warranty supplied with the machine(s) will become void if it is found that the correct installation procedure has not been adhered to.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of the sub floor. The liability of the sub floor will remain with the Customer even if the Company has carried out a site visit and visual inspection. If the Customer requires the Company to remedy an unsuitable sub floor during or prior to any installation the Customer will be charged for the materials and the extra labour involved. Any fault that occurs to the machine(s) relating to incorrect installation during the warranty period will be chargeable. Full payment will need to be cleared prior to any work being carried out. The Company can arrange commissioning of machine(s) – this will be subject to an extra cost.


It is LAW that all gas appliances and components are installed and serviced by a GAS SAFE registered person or company in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998.




The Company will bear no responsibility for injuries to parties and/or damage to property inclusive of the intended and/or existing machinery that has occurred as a result of incorrect installation by either experienced or inexperienced parties.




Manufacturers of NEW equipment only are responsible for the first year’s parts (and in some cases the second year’s parts and first year’s labour if stated on the Companies invoice) warranty provided the machinery is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you experience any faults within this time please call the Company directly and we will arrange at our discretion a call out by one of the Companies or the manufacturer’s qualified engineers. You will be required to supply model/serial numbers and contact details.

Important: For the warranty to be activated an installation and commissioning certificate must be supplied within 30 days of delivery, otherwise the warranty is invalidated.

Specifically excluding:-

  • all associated electrical equipment such as power supply points, starters, fuses, pcbs and any other similar electrical components not part of the scheduled equipment.
  • all associated plumbing, (inclusive of low water pressure that requires a booster pump), gas/steam equipment and gas/steam flexible hoses.
  • all liquid soap injection equipment not supplied by the Company.
  • faults arising from the incorrect equipment installation, as recommended by the manufacturer’s installation guide.
  • rectification of defects caused by fire, water, frost or variation of the electrical supply or accidental, malicious or willful action, negligence, misuse by the Customers staff or third parties, or by the fitting of accessories not supplied by the Company or the attempted rectification of faults by persons other than the Company’s appointed representative or it’s agent.
  • cleaning, de-scaling or the replacement of parts inclusive of heating elements, dependo type drain valves, water supply hoses and filters.
  • the Company stresses the need for a regularly serviced working softener to be on site otherwise door gaskets, elements and any other faults due to scale are excluded.
  • supply of covers, friction strips, feeder and roller bands on ironing machines.
  • all exterior cabinet metal and plastic work.
  • abortive call (no fault found).
  • supply of lint screens, coin box locks and keys and service locks and keys.
  • de-fluffing of ironers and tumble dryers.
  • any corrosion, oxidization or dry cleaning fluid that causes damage to the equipment and or working parts associated with said equipment.
  • cleaning of blocked internal machine drains and all other internal/external drains.
  • overuse – normal usage ie: maximum of an 8hr day, 7 day week = 2912 hours per year – any usage over this will be charged at our standard labour rates with parts at list prices.
  • jammed and/or damaged coin mechanisms. The coinmec and any coinmec related breakdowns are excluded from the second year (24 month) warranty for parts and labour if applicable.
  • all parking expenses, congestion charges and/or toll charges.


All USED equipment is cleaned and tested in our workshop and is “Sold as Seen”. All equipment must be fitted by a qualified engineer and the installation must comply with current standards. No claims will be accepted for parts and/or labour unless either is offered and the details are stated on the original invoice at the time of the sale.


Note: Rectification of faults to the scheduled equipment necessitated by any of the foregoing clauses and all its subheadings may be undertaken on a chargeable basis. Labour charges incurred will be levied at the standard labour rates appertaining at the time the work is undertaken—all waiting time will be chargeable. Components, parts and spares supplied will be charged at current list prices.


All service visits will be made during normal working hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) excluding Statutory Bank Holidays, in the event of the Customer asking for service to be carried out at times outside normal working hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) then labour rates will be charged at standard rate plus overtime surcharge rates subject to the contract type.




All new Electrolux machinery supplied as coin and/or token operated come with a multi-mechanism. Other manufacturers may use different types of mechanisms.

Please note – the Company recommends that only qualified engineers carry out any price changes. The Company will bear no responsibility for any injury to parties and/or property inclusive of the machine whilst making price adjustments.  A stable mobile/internet connection is required for all cashless payments.




The Company reserves the right to charge the customer, and the customer will pay, a restocking charge of an amount equivalent to 25% of the order being cancelled.

The Company shall not be held responsible for the failure of the customer to obtain any necessary planning consent.

The Company shall not be held responsible for any consequential losses whatsoever.

The Company is not responsible for any failure to provide service due to causes outside its reasonable control.

This Contract is written in the English language and shall be governed by the Laws of England.


By payment of this invoice the Customer agrees with the Terms and Conditions set out above.

Version 16 PNS 8th February 2021