Lagoon Advanced Care

With its eco-friendly water-based cleaning which is the natural choice for every garment it can be used on silks, wools, cashmere, viscose, embroidery, sequins…fibres of every kind are refreshed and regenerated by water-based cleaning.  From coats to saris, wedding dresses to kimonos, tuxedos to cocktail dresses, wool blankets to curtains, there’s no limit with Lagoon Advanced Care.

Not only can you process wet cleaning but you can use the machines as normal washers and dryers too.

Electrolux’s Lagoon Advanced Care is a textile care solution which is fast, easy and green.

There’s never been a wet-cleaning system like Lagoon Advanced Care before.

After listening to you Electrolux has developed a solution that meets customers needs on every front, making a switch from dry, to wet cleaning, incredibly straightforward, its a real game changer.

Features and benefits

  • Keep customers coming back due to outstanding results for garments of every type thanks to specialised detergents and dedicated programmes
  • Delicate on the delicates, gentle on fine textiles and wools labelled dry-clean only due to less mechanical action
  • Rapid return on investment, with a better loading factor, less prespotting, easier finishing and faster process times
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly due to water-based cleaning with none of the disadvantages of PERC, which can be dangerous to staff
  • Dry to dry in 1 hour due to smart chemicals and processes mean garments are fully dried in the dryer
  • Woolmark Approved

Unique continuous workflow

The vanguard of wet-cleaning: all the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning.

More delicate and effective drying than ever.

Garments completely dry to the touch, no unwanted creases to remove, minimal finishing: garments are ready to be finished just out of the dryer with no hang-dry time needed.  As the garments dry, the fabric surface smoothens.

Specific detergents and pre-spotting agents are used to achieve the best results, these new generation of detergents are a perfect match with the new  cleaning programs.  The full range of pre-spotting agents are able to treat all stains, from tannin to grease, ink and waxes, for a spotless outcome.

The total process time is 55 minutes!!

Please click the link below to take you to our special wet cleaning detergent page.


70 Small items/day

Enter the wet-cleaning business with a professional solution that perfectly complements any existing dry-cleaning operation.  Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s Lagoon Advanced Care.

Processing capacity:

6 to 8 small items per cycle


WH6-6 + TD6-7 + Electrolux Four Way Efficient Dosing System + Stacking Kit + One day’s training + Detergent Package which consists of:

10L Sensitive Detergent – 10L Delicate Detergent – 10L Sensitive Conditioner – Wet Stain-off


Please note the washer is only available in electric


180 items/day

Evolve from the ease of an Essential Set to our larger capacity wet cleaning solution.  An ideal solution to replace, or as an addition to, a busy 15kg dry cleaning operation.

Processing capacity:

18 to 27 items per cycle.


W5180H + TD6-20 + Electrolux Four Way Efficient Dosing System + W5180H Plinth + One day’s training + Detergent Package which consists of:

20L  Sensitive Detergent – 20L Delicate Detergent – 20L Sensitive Conditioner – Wet Stain-off


250 small items/day

The ideal solution to replace a 15kg dry cleaning operation and enjoy full flexibility with the option of adding capacity.  As the Absolute Set includes the Essential Set, you can also offer an express service.  Large duvets can be treated in-house with the Absolute Set.

Processing capacity:

6 to 8 small items + 18-27 items per cycle.


WH6-7 + TD6-7 + + W5180H + TD6-20 + Electrolux Four Way Efficient Dosing System + W5240H Plinth + One day’s training + Detergent Package which consists of:

20L Sensitive Detergent – 20L Delicate Detergent – 20L Sensitive Conditioner – Wet Stain-off





  • Laundry 6kg
  • Wool 4kg
  • Silk 3kg
  • Extraction (RPM): 1450
  • G-Factor: 530
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 595x681x832


  • Drum Volume: 130 litres
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 597x725x839
  • Heating: Electric



  • Laundry 20kg
  • Wool 14kg
  • Silk 10kg
  • Extraction (RPM): 1055
  • G-Factor: 450
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 970x947x1412


  • Drum Volume: 350 litres
  • Dimensions:
  • Electric (WxDxH): 790x1177x1770
  • Gas (WxDxH): 790x1177x1770
  • Steam (WxDxH): 790x1344x1770



  • Laundry 27kg
  • Wool 16kg
  • Silk 13kg
  • Extraction (RPM): 1005
  • G-Factor: 450
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1020x990x1462


  • Drum Volume: 550 litres
  • Dimensions:
  • Electric (WxDxH): 961x1365x1445
  • Gas (WxDxH): 961x1365x1445
  • Steam (WxDxH): 961x1365x1869



  • Laundry 33kg
  • Wool 20kg
  • Silk 17kg
  • Extraction (RPM): 950
  • G-Factor: 450
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1020x1134x1462


  • Drum Volume: 675 litres
  • Dimensions:
  • Electric (WxDxH) 961x1560x1857
  • Gas (WxDxH) 961x1560x1857
  • Steam (WxDxH) 961x1640x1857

Finishing Equipment

Spotting Table FSU7

  • Built in Steam Boiler
  • Built in Air Compressor
  • Dimensions mm (WxLxH): 505x1450x1800
  • 415 volt

Vacuum Ironing Table FIT7-WC

  • Built in Steam Boiler
  • Overhead Gantry to support iron hoses
  • Light, illuminates the working area
  • Dimensions mm (WxLxH): 445x1535x970
  • 230 volt