Wet Cleaning Detergents

Introducing our range of Wet Cleaning Detergents for our Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning range.

We have exciting new liquids for our Lagoon Advanced Care systems.


  • AGS Wet Wash
  • AGS Wet Plus
  • AGS Wet Revive
  • AGS Wet Wash Delicate
  • AGS Wet Stainoff


The AGS Wet Wash is a universal detergent for Wet Cleaning.  It is a professional high quality detergents for use in all Wet Cleaning processes.  Despite its powerful degreasing properties it does not stress fibres, making it ideal for washing garments previously washed in perc,

The AGS Wet Plus is a washing booster for Wet Cleaning.  Its is a powerful booster for use with Wet Wash detergents.  It helps remove all kinds of grease, tannin and protein stains.

The AGS Wet Revive is a finishing additive with softening and retexturing properties for Wet Cleaning. It is an innovative professional additive with softening and retexturing properties. This double action gives garments a textured yet soft touch.

The AGS Wet Stainoff  is a pre-spotter that is most effective when sprayed at a distance of 15-30cm in a well ventilated space.  It helps remove on a wide range of stains including tea, coffee, grass, ice cream, sauces and main more.

Safety Data Sheets available on request.


AGS Wet Wash

AGS Wet Plus

AGS Wet Revive

AGS Wet Wash Delicate

AGS Wet Stain Off

In addition to the above Wet Cleaning range we now have a new range of spotters which work perfectly together.

The 5 new spotters include:

Blood and Protein

Rust and Sweat Remover

Colour Transfer Reducer

Tannin and Fruit Colouring Remover

Oil, Grease and Ink Remover


More and more existing traditional dry cleaners are taking the plunge, moving towards the more natural cleaning approach of wet cleaning and here are just a few reasons why:


  • No dangerous/harmful to health chemicals
  • No pollution
  • More profitable
  • Better for the planet
  • More energy efficient; resulting in a reduced carbon footprint
  • Safer for workers, consumers and residents
  • Gentler on articles

Get in contact and we can tell you more and of course Safety Data Sheets are available.