Why we support Electrolux?

Why we back Electrolux – although they are not the cheapest, they are the best!  Electrolux publicises all data because they have nothing to hide and are proud of the results, unfortunately this is not true for all its competitors!

Why Electrolux gets our vote – because the equipment is state of the art and for all the R & D that is constantly being applied!

Why we use Electrolux machinery – for the utility savings, user-friendliness and the reliability!

Ultimate Durability

Electrolux build washers and dryers that last longer.  Due to robust mechanical construction their machines require less maintenance and are optimised for all kinds of operations and environments – for reliability you can count on!

Enhanced Economy

Lowering operational costs can do done without comprising quality.  We can provide you with solutions that use less water, energy and detergent making wash and dry cycles more efficient; reducing costs and emissions while reducing your environmental footprint!

Efficient Dosing System

The Efficient Dosing System automatically calculates the correct amount of detergent saving up to 20% in running costs; no overdosing which equates to best quality results and skin care.

Maximum Flexibility

Compass Pro provides an interface with up to 55 programmes giving you all the flexibility you need!