Laundry and Latte

After running Dee Creases Limited in Brentwood, Essex for 15 years carrying out dry cleaning, wet cleaning, ironing, duvet laundering, and service washes they encountered a washing machine breakdown with parts not available for two weeks! As there was a local launderette nearby, they loaded up their van and headed off. Unfortunately, on arrival they found that half of the machines were out of order and no assistant was available to help, no toilet to use, no anything really other than very tired machines and a very forlorn business. It made them feel quite depressed! However, a seed was planted….

Over the next few days, they looked into other launderettes in their immediate area and found that a lot of them were very out of date. They thought this might be due to the fact that people no longer required to use them, however the sharp rise in service washes at Dee Creases Limited proved that there really was still a real need. There was definitely a place for launderettes, but a transformation had to happen and they knew that they were the team to create it!

Laundry & Latte was born.

To make it happen they enlisted the help of an interior designer, external consultant, a builder and Associated Group Services Limited to ensure they had the best equipment on the market! The road travelled was fraught with challenges which have required oodles of belief and tenacity, blood, sweat and tears. However, trying to change this is never easy and they are and will continue to be committed to this, now and in the future. The positive environmental impact of using ecological Electrolux equipment with increased utility savings and plant-based detergents all supplied by AGS (Associated Group Services Limited) encourage customers to look after their garments rather than simply dispose and re-buy is so very important to them. Contributing to real environmental change start by making small adaptions to daily life and they hope that their part at Laundry & Latte will make a difference.