Trevil’s professional finishing equipment has been developing since 1980.

With the use of advanced technology, research and development Trevil can offer the very best in professional finishing products at the right price.

All products are made in Italy.

Below are just some of our most popular products, give us a call on 01277 899664 and we can provide you with more information and help you to decide on the best machine for you to tailor your needs.


Only complete machine for troushers finishing in the world, a single machine that irons the top like a topper and presses the crease like a press.


Faber Boiler

  • Professional mini boiler with iron, with manual refil, for 5 hours of non stop operation
  • 800w steam electric iron included
  • Stand on image optional extra
  • The temperature of steam is precisely controlled by means of pressure switches
  • Amount of steam can be adjusted.
  • Thermostat protection and safety valve
  •  Self-cleaning heating elements

Princess Touch

Utility tensioning finisher that provides a good finish of any type of fabric for skirt, lab coats, uniform jackets and workwear in general either wet or dry.

Presto FC

High productivity hot plate shirt unit, up to 60/70 pieces per hour. Must be used in combination with a cuff and collar press.


Tensioning form finishers dedicated to jackets and coats. Available with or without boiler.


Blowing shirt unit with small footprint able to provide 50 shirts/hour. Available in two versions that provide different styles of finish.