AGS Wet Plus

  • AGS Wet Plus is a powerful booster for use with Wet Wash detergent.  It helps remove all kinds of grease, tannin and protein stains
  • .AGS Wet Plus is a new formula contains valuable surfactants that make it gentle on coloured fibres and delicate garments in general
  • AGS Wet Plus is formulated specifically for use in all Wet Cleaning processes although it is suitable for traditional water washing systems as well

AGS Wet Plus – Chemical Composition:

AGS Wet Wash is a liquid which is red in colour.  It has 15-30% Non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants.

Please see Data Sheet attached for more information.

AGS Wet Wash

AGS Wet Revive

AGS Wet Wash Delicate

AGS Wet Stain Off