The Barrier Concept

When hygiene is critical, there is no room for compromise. Electrolux’s barrier washers will give you peace of mind by providing the best defence against the spreading of micro-organisms and cross infections.The barrier laundry is a total concept which can be designed to suit the size of your own site – large or small. The barrier washing machine is positioned within a dividing “Barrier Wall” ensuring that dirty laundry and clean laundry never come into contact.

Were you aware that fabric (linen, towels. clothing, uniforms etc.) is one of the major transfer routes for outbreaks of MRSA? This also includes “supposedly” clean laundry! In America an estimated 1.7 million patients suffer every year from care-related infections and sadly cases like these have been linked to nearly 10,000 deaths. This shocking figure could be greatly reduced with preventable measures in place and we must ensure that these are taken throughout the UK. Working with Electrolux and AGS you can ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and infection control are met. Choose the G4000 range for clean, fresh and hygenic laundry.

Specific healthcare wash programmes are available on Electrolux equipment to ensure the required wash temperature is met for complete infection control. Our laundry solutions fully satisfy hygiene requirements for textiles, in accordance with the European Standard EN 14065 and the RABC system.