Ancillary Products


Our company is GAS SAFE registered covering a large criteria.

All commercial insurances contain a clause which states that the Insured must comply with all statutory (legal) requirements.  If failure to do so results in a claim, insurers are entitled to deny liability.

It is a condition precedent to the liability of Underwriters that the insured at his own expense.

  • Take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, destruction, damage, accident or bodily injury
  • Keep the premises, buildings and other maintainable property which is insured by this policy in a satisfactory state or repair
  • Comply with all relevant statutory requirements and other regulations imposed by any authority and manufacturers’ recommendations all relating to the use, inspection and safety of property and the safety of persons


We cannot stress more strongly enough how important it is to have a water softener if you have a water heater and/or you use washing machines that are either boiler fed or self heating.

Interesting facts about hard water:

  • Hard water costs the UK in excess of £1 billion every year!
  • Just 0.5mm of scale will increase your fuel cost by 9.4%.
  • 1mm of scale will increase this to 12%!
  • Approximately 60% of the UK suffers from the effects of hard water!
  • Hard water begins its life soft!


We can take care of your projects electrical requirements.


Without the correct drainage washing machines and extractors will not work to their optimum. If drainage is not installed correctly damage can be caused not only to equipment but to your property.

Steel Work

Not only do we sell Electrolux plinths we can also make plinths to suit your application. Unless you are purchasing high spin machinery you will need to set washing machines on a steel or concrete plinth.

Ducting and Ventilation

Once again the correct ducting and ventilation is paramount to ensure optimum energy efficiency as well as the correct deployment of moist air, combustion and lint. Attention must also be given to ensure there is sufficient make up air.