AGS White

  • AGS White sanitizing concentrated liquid detergent for white and light colours
  • AGS White replaces powdered detergents eliminating the need for high temperatures – ideal for tablecloths, sheets, towels, shirts and other light coloured articles
  • AGS White is a mixture of non-anionic and anionic surfactants that emulsify, saturate and protect garments preventing them from progressive greying
  • AGS White has optical brightening agents that restore yellowing or greying fabrics to their original colour
  • AGS White is active in low temperatures, protecting fibres and fabrics and saving energy
  • AGS White contains a balanced mixture of enzymes effective on a wide range of stains, from tannins (wine, tea, fruit etc.) to proteins (ice cream, milk etc.) and is particularly active on grease and fats
  • For the removal of awkward stains we recommend a using a single dose of AGS Oxitex

AGS White Liquid Detergent – Composition:

The liquid is white in colour with a pleasant flower scent and is a mixture of non-ironice and anionic sufactants, soap, enzymes and optical brighteners.

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