AGS Laundry

  • AGS Laundry is mainly composed of raw materials of vegetable origin
  • AGS Laundry replaces washing powder and can be used to wash all types of fabric, restoring original brightness
  •  AGS Laundry is a highly concentrated enzymatic detergent and only uses 1/3 of a standard dose to obtain perfect results
  •  AGS Laundry operates at low temperatures due to a balanced blend of enzymes and is effective on a wide range of stains
  •  For the removal of awkward stains we recommend a single dose of AGS Oxitex

AGS Laundry Liquid Detergent – Composition:

The liquid is lilac in colour with a clean, pleasant scent of menthol lavender and is a mixture of surfactants, anionic surfactants and enzymes with high cleaning power.  Less than 1% of phosphorus in content.

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