AGS White and AGS White Soft

AGS White

  • AGS White is a sanitising hyper concentrated liquid laundry detergent for white and light colours.  Ideal for tablecloths, sheets, towels, shirts, jeans and other light coloured clothing.
  • AGS White replaces washing powder and can be used to wash all types of fabric, restoring original brightness and freshness.
  •  AGS White uses a formula strengthened with optical brightening agents that restore yellowing or greying fabrics to their original colour.
  •  AGS White operates at low temperatures protecting fibres and fabrics and saving energy.
  •  Used with AGS Oxitex for soaking and washing removes even the most obstinate stains.

AGS White Liquid Detergent – Composition:

White coloured liquid with pleasant flower scent.


AGS White Soft

  • AGS White Soft is a brightening softener for white and light-coloured fabrics.
  • AGS White Soft prevents white sheets, towels, tablecloths and shirts from greying/yellowing.
  • AGS White Soft contains a sanitizing agent, which eliminates residual bacterial load that may be present after a regular wash.  It also prevents the development of unpleasant smells.
  • AGS Soft White contains a sanitising agent which eliminates bacteria that might be present aftger washing.

AGS White Soft – Composition:

The liquid is mixture of cationic substances combined with sanitizing and conditioning agents.  Creamy white liquid, perfumed.

Also available in 1 litre, please call us on 01277 899664 for prices.