AGS Stain Off and AGS Starch

AGS Stain Off

  • AGS StainOff is a concentrated PRE SPOTTER for water washing which facilitates the removal of stubborn stains.
  • AGS Stain Off penetrates deep into fabric fibres dissolving the most stubborn soiling it is effective on all types of stains including coffee, tea, grass, ice cream, sauces, lipstick, ink, natural oils, edible fats, candle wax etc.
  •  AGS Stain Off is ideal for pre-treatning collars and cuffs.
  •  AGS Stain Off works very well with AGS detergents.

AGS Stain Off – Composition:

Hand or machine wash pre spotter.  A mixture of surfactants with high cleaning power, free of added fragrances and solvents harmful to the environment.


 AGS Natural Liquid Starch

  • AGS Starch liquid, containing natural wheat startch providing a stiffness and polish to laundered items.
  • AGS Starch forms a protective film on fibres as well as making articles feel like new.
  • AGS Starch facilitates ironing.
  • AGS Starch makes fabrics smell fresh and clean.
  • AGS Starch is highly concentrated; economical to use; non-hazardous, contains biocide preventing bacterial build up.

AGS Starch – Composition:

AGS Starch is a polyvinyl resin, white coloured fluid liquid with pleasant smell.