AGS Oxitex and AGS Emulisifer

AGS Oxitex

  • AGS Oxitex is a washing booster with brightening and sanitising power.
  • AGS Oxitex is an auxiliary agent for washing that combined with AGS Laundry or AGS White strengthens washing power against the most persistent stains.
  •  AGS Oxitex develops a balanced use of oxygen to brighten white garments.  It is activated with pH 8 and at 25°c to 30°c, with synthetic fabric such as nylon, polyester or delicate garments, colours made fade.  It is strongly suggested that AGS Oxitex is tested on a small area of fabric prior to use.
  • When in contact with water and stadard detergents AGS Oxitex develops a balanced oxygen content and therefore santitzes fabrics which is extremely important for industrial laundries and hospitals.
  •  AGS Oxitex is non-toxic and non-corrosive (does not exude toxic or odoraous gases) and is completely biodegradable.

AGS Oxitex – Composition:

White water suspension of peroxy acid with pH 3,3 and 1030 g/dm³.


AGS Emulsifier

  • AGS Emulsifier is a booster emulsifier solubilizing grease stains in water washing.
  • AGS Emulsifier is a new product conceived to boost professional washing.  It contains a high concentration of surfactants with particularly effective wetting and emulsifying properties.
  •  AGS Emulsifier is ideal for removing any kind of greasy dirt from fabrics, including oil, grease, human skin grease, lubricating oils, sludge, natural oils and food fats.  Indispensable for washing table linen, sheets, shirts, jackets, duvets and quilts, etc.
  • AGS Emulsifier has been formulated to work in combination with other AGS detergents used in the washing machine.
  •  AGS Emulsifier increases the alkaline pH of the water, improving cleaning power on greasy stains.
  • Added to the wash the AGS Emulsifier removes the need to pre-treat collars and cuffs and is ideal for cotton, linen, wool, silk, natural and synthetic fibres.

AGS Emulsifier – Composition:

Mixture of surfactants with very high cleaning power.  Non viscous, colourless, transparent liquid.  Does not contain solvents harmful to the environment.