AGS Equine and AGS Reproofer

 AGS Equine

  • AGS Equine purifies and cleans textile fibres deep down without affecting resistance or colour.
  • AGS Equine is highly concentrated only requiring one third of a standard dose to obtain perfect results.
  •  AGS Equine operated at low temperature thus helping save energy.
  •  AGS Equine contains the most innovative and advanced surfactants available in the textile care sector.  It is formulated with an active ingredient effective against a wide range of bacteria, including Gram negatives, considered among the most harmful to the health.
  •  AGS Equine is mainly composed of raw materials of vegetable origin.

AGS Equine Detergent – Composition:

Aloe Vera with a mixture of non-ionic amphoteric surfactants and enzymes with high cleaning power.  Green liquid with pleasant fresh and natural scent.


AGS Reproofer

  • AGS Reproofer restores waterproofing to garments without altering their original texture.
  • AGS Reproofer protects garments from rain and liquid dirt being suitable for not only equine use but can be used on tablecloths, napkins and outdoor clothing/Items.
  • AGS Reproofer forms a very fine film on the surface of the fabric which seals fibres and prevents liquid dirt from penetrating, this creates a powerful hydro-repellent effect.

AGS Reproofer – Composition:

Waterproofing additive for professional water washing.  Biodegradable hyper concentrated product.