AGS Emerald and AGS Emerald Soft

AGS Emerald

  • AGS Emerald is the first professional detergent to contain only plant-based surfactants.  It’s raw materials derived from renewable sources make it readily biodegradable.
  • AGS Emerald is active even at low temperatures (25-30 degrees) and effective on all types of stain, including tannin (wine, fruit, etc.) and protein (ice cream, milk, etc.).  It also works deep down on grease stains (grease, lubricants and oily deposits etc.).
  •  AGS Emerald contains a balance of plant-based compnents that restores the original freshness and softness to all fragile fibres such as wool and silk.
  •  For the removal of awkward stains we recommend a single dose of AGS Oxitex.

AGS Emerald Liquid Detergent – Composition:

Mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and enzymes with high cleaning power.


AGS Emerald Soft

  • AGS Emerald Soft is far more concentrated than other softeners commonly available on the market.  Despite its low dosages it sucessfully restores the original softness to fabrics.
  • AGS Emerald Soft with just 30ml for every 5 kg of laundry, its green tea, citrus leaves and verbena fragrances leave a delicate natural scent.   The special selection of essences and the micro capsules contained in its formula ensure that the fragrance is long lasting, even months after use.
  • AGS Emerald Soft with sanitising agent eliminates any bacteria that may be present after  washing. 

AGS Emerald Soft – Composition:

A mixture of cationic substances combing sanitizing and conditioning, white creamy scented liquid.

Also available in 1 litre, please call us on 01277 899664 for prices.