AGS Azur and AGS Azur Soft

AGS Azur

  • AGS Azur is mainly composed of raw materials of vegetable origin.
  • AGS Azur can be used for all types of fabrics, cotton, synthetic, linen and coloured fabrics, restoring their original brightness.
  •  AGS Azur highly concentrated only requiring one third of a standard dose to obtain perfect results.
  •  AGS Azur operates at low temperatures thus helping save energy.
  •  For the removal of awkward stains we recommend a single dose of AGS Oxitex.

AGS Azur Detergent – Composition:

AGS Azur is a mixture of surfactants, anionic surfactants and enzymes with high cleaning power, purple liquid with a pleasant scent of menthol lavender.


.AGS Azur Soft

  • AGS Azur Soft is far more concentrated than other softeners commonly available on the market.  Despite its low dosages it successfully restores the original softness to fabrics.
  • AGS Azur Soft with just 30ml for every 5 kg of laundry, its green tea, citrus leaves and verbena fragrances leave a delicate natural scent.  The special selection of essences and the micro capsules contained in its formula ensure that the fragrance is long lasting, even months after use.
  • AGS Azur Soft with sanitizing agent eliminates any residual bacterial load that may be present after a regular wash.  It also prevents the development of unpleasant smells.

AGS Azur Soft – Composition:

The mixture of cationic substances combining sanitizing and conditioning, white creamy scented liquid.

Also available in 1 litre, please call us on 01277 899664 for prices.